Nursing Care Plan (NCP) for a Broken Heart.


S/he may manifest the following:
• Crying anytime of the day
• Laging nakatanaw sa kawalan
• Restlessness, uneasiness, and anxiety
• Difficulty of sleeping
• Difficulty of eating
• Lethargy
• Change in mental status (para ng baliw)

▶Nursing Diagnosis
Decreased work effectiveness related to acute heartache secondary to broken-heartedness and misery.

▶Planning and Desired Outcome
• Pain will be decreased or permanently eradicated (para maka-move on na)
• She will demonstrate activities and behaviors that will prevent the recurrence of pain (sana hindi na siya aasa na babalik pa)
• She will resume activities of daily living (para maka trabaho na siya ng maayos at hindi na laging tulala)
• She will demonstrate a feeling of completeness again as manifested by serenity and presence of genuine smile and laughter (sa wakas makakalimot na rin)

▶Interventions and rationale
1. Assist self-administration of “vasodilators” dubbed as “friends”
• Rationale- These vasodilators bring back her sanity. They help reduce the pain by letting her cry and cry until the heavy load of her heart will decrease
2. Provide comfort measures like offering a listening heart while walking at the park or dining out
• Rationale- To help manage the pain inside by ventilating how miserable and broken she is at the moment
3. Establish a quiet environment
• Rationale- A quiet env’t makes her realize how ‘tanga’ she has been. It will make her reflect that she was fooled by an ego-tripping man
4. Teach her how to distinguish self-inflicted pain from pain caused by other people
• Rationale- She tends to hurt herself by assuming that the other party loves her and cares for her. Teach her to let go by facing the sad reality na pinaasa at pinaglaruan lng siya.
5. Encourage her to pray
Rationale- God surely heals a broken heart

Hopeful of a positive result of the NCP…and become a better person…this time.

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